I Was a Stranger and You Did Not Welcome Me

Below is video from James Martin, SJ’s Facebook page in response to Donald Trump’s executive actions which will severely limit immigration into the United States. This action has been the latest in a series of anti-immigrant, xenophobic, and racist remarks from the recently inaugurated 45th President. As James Martin rightly tells us, such unjust laws are … More I Was a Stranger and You Did Not Welcome Me

We Shall Overcome

This morning we will enter into a new age in our nation’s history.  While many of us stand in fear because of the promises and threats made these past few months, let us remember that we are first and foremost a people of faith.  We are called to continue our work for justice, to stand with our … More We Shall Overcome

Day 5: People with Disabilities

For Day 5 of the Novena for Peace and Justice, William Looby, a professional caregiver with the Guild for Exceptional Children in Brooklyn, New York, gives a beautiful reflection on working with people with disabilities. In speaking of our prejudices against people with disabilities, William writes that much of our “hatred or fear comes from a vantage point where the … More Day 5: People with Disabilities

Day 4: Gun Violence

We do a good talk about being “pro-life”, but the fact of the matter is that America leads the entire world in deaths caused by guns.  As Br. Ramon Razon, OFM wrote, “Americans are killed by gun violence daily. Where have we been complicit in terms of holding the integrity of life from conception to natural … More Day 4: Gun Violence