Good Friday Meditation – Police Brutality

Today, we commemorate the Passion of Jesus of Nazareth, who died on the cross in a government-sanctioned extrajudicial execution.  Rejected by the religious establishment and vilified for reaching out to those who were rejected by society, Jesus was arrested and brutalized for preaching the word of God and for building the Kingdom.  

Today, many of our brothers and sisters of color, in particular African Americans, suffer under the same extreme violence of police brutality.  Many of these incidents result in death.  Many more result in lives ruined by trauma and in communities ripped apart by division.  All of these instances are undergirded by the dehumanizing alienation of White supremacy, the proliferation of mass incarceration, and the normalization of a militarized police-state.

O my Jesus, you who were spat on and beaten by centurions, suffered a fate that is shared by so many of our brothers and sisters of color.

May our remembrance of Your death at the hands of religious and government officials open our eyes to the violence and brutality unfolding before us today.

May our consideration of Your passion and pain move us to compassion and empathy for the suffering of our brothers and sisters of color at the hands of police.

And may our celebration of Your Resurrection, which broke down the enmity that divided us, remind us that there is no room for violence, racism, and White supremacy in Your kingdom.


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