Prayer to St. Joseph

Today, we celebrate the Feast of Saint Joseph and I wanted to share this beautiful prayer written by my friend, Terry. In a world that is wounded by injustice and toxic masculinity, we ask: Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Prayer to St. Joseph
By Terrence J. Moran

St. Joseph…
Who believed in Mary’s word, make us a church that listens to women’s experience and their testimony of the action of the Spirit in their lives;
Who raised your son to be a peacemaker, make us a church of nonviolent resistance to war;
Who knew the joys of craftsmanship and the fatigue of work, make us a church that teaches the dignity of labor and that joins in the workers’ struggle for just wages and decent conditions.
Who listened to the voice of a dream, make us a church of deep contemplation, cautious of superficial answers, open to God’s surprises;
Who was a refugee, make us a church that is a home to the wanderer, shelter to the terrorized, haven to those in flight from violence and war;
Who was a member of a most unconventional family, make us a church of welcome to all families in all their wonderful diversity;
Who taught Jesus the wisdom in the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, make us willing disciples of Earth’s wisdom and loving kin of all creation.

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