Day 9: Immigration and Refugees

As we enter into an new chapter in our nation’s history, let us not forget that we are “a people in movement.” Our faith is founded on the history of a migrant people and we worship a God who was incarnated among the poor, the migrant, and the oppressed.  In the final day of our Novena for Peace and Justice, Stephanie Bello, an immigrant rights advocate and the executive assistant at the Migrant Center at the Church of St Francis of Assisi in New York City, reflects on the migrant identity of Jesus and the Holy Family.

Stephanie writes, “Jesus lived the experience millions of people live day to day all around the world, a migrant as he preached the gospel. As we are called to see Jesus in our lives, we are called to see the suffering of Jesus in our brothers and sisters, who suffer the same poverty, alienation, and oppression he once did.” May we open our hearts and welcome our immigrant and refugee brothers and sisters.

Immigration and Refugees
Immigration and Refugees

A prayer for immigrants and refugees.

Source: Day 9: Immigration and Refugees

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