Day 7: Life and Dignity of LGBT

Today’s reflection in our Novena for Peace and Justice is special to me. This was a reflection I wrote to contemplate the dignity of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender brothers and sisters.  Our identities, a great gift from the Divine, has also been a source of profound pain and discrimination – often times at the hands of those whom we love.

What are we as Christians, as people of God called to do? How are we to relate to our brothers and sisters who have been rejected, judged, and labeled as objectively disordered? “It is only by adopting a posture of non-judgmental love and radical humility that we as Church, can live up to our vocation as disciples of Christ, who loved and welcomed all, especially those of us who are so easy to detest.”

LGBT Discrimination
LGBT Discrimination

A prayer for the life and dignity of LGBT persons.

Source: Day 7: Life and Dignity of LGBT

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