Day 6: Racial Justice

A little late in getting today’s reflection out, but what a day to reflect on the current state of affairs in our country. Today, with less than a week until the inauguration of the new president, we take pause to commemorate and celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  We also continue our Novena for Peace and Justice with  a reflection on racial justice by Onleilove Alston, the Executive Director of Faith in New York, a multi faith and multi race federation of congregations working to Build the Beloved City.

Onleilove writes “Racial justice should be important to people of faith because God’s Kingdom will be one of diversity and equity. Right now our country stands at a crossroads where some want to go back to divisions and yet God’s Word calls us to unity while allowing us to glorify him in our own language. Right now as people of faith we have to ask ourselves if allowing racism to reign even in our Churches is God’s best for us.”

Racial Justice
Racial Justice

A prayer for racial justice.

Source: Day 6: Racial Justice

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