Day 5: People with Disabilities

For Day 5 of the Novena for Peace and Justice, William Looby, a professional caregiver with the Guild for Exceptional Children in Brooklyn, New York, gives a beautiful reflection on working with people with disabilities. In speaking of our prejudices against people with disabilities, William writes that much of our “hatred or fear comes from a vantage point where the person without a disability is reminded of a brokenness that exists within him or her. This brokenness can be very painful because it shows how we human beings are not perfect. Hence, we knowingly or unknowingly hurt those people who remind us of our brokenness. Which should not be the case if we only know and experience how God loves each of us regardless of our limitations and strengths.”

For William, his work with people with disabilities and his relationship with his brother, Marshall, who has Down Syndrome, has been a source of encounter with God. “I am grateful for these beautiful encounters because they remind me how much I am loved by God.” May our hearts be as open and may we be as equally blessed.

People with Disabilities
People with Disabilities

A prayer for people with disabilities.

Source: Day 5: People with Disabilities

2 thoughts on “Day 5: People with Disabilities

  1. Brother….. Your articles on the Disabled are….. Awesome. But not just those articles. Women’s rights, LGBT, just to name a few. Jesus & St. Francis are so close to you…
    . It’s a little scary 😁
    Sincerely, Sean P Vos

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