Day 2: Unbridled Capitalism vs. the True Self

Please join me in praying the second day of our Novena for Peace and Justice. Today, we pray for a world that is seemingly overrun by greed and unbridled capitalism.  Are the pursuits of success and wealth coming at the expense of our planet and the lives of the poor? Who among us pays for our rapacious consumption?  To whom do we turn to in order to find our true selves – God or our material possessions?

“Let us call to mind that we are interconnected.  We are made to inhabit the earth and share the bounty that God has provided us.  We have enough land and resources to sustain everyone if only we know how to share and help each one.  We are made in the image and likeness of God- and God is our true self.  God is generous and never expect anything in return, so then we are all to be like Him- generous in sharing our talents and gifts even resources without expecting in return or exploiting our brothers and sisters and damaging the earth we live in.”


A prayer for the end to profits at any cost.

Source: Day 2: Unbridled Capitalism vs. the True Self

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