Novena for Peace and Justice

As we begin a new year and as we prepare to enter into a new age in our nation’s history, let us take time to remember who we are as the people of God. The recent presidential election has catalyzed, or at least made painfully visible, a lot of the division and anger that was bubbling beneath the surface in our country. Now, violence and fear seem to permeate our landscape.

I share with you a resource for prayer in the days leading up to Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States of America. Beginning on January 11th and ending on January 20th, please join me in praying the Novena for Peace and Justice. Created by members of the Franciscan family, both lay and religious, the Novena prayerfully addresses nine key issues facing the United States, as well as the global community, right now. The issues include armed conflict, capitalism, the dignity of women, people with disabilities, racial justice, gun violence, LGBT discrimination, care for Creation, and the global migration phenomenon.

Br. Ramon Razon, OFM of Holy Name Province, one of the editors of the Novena wrote, “Franciscan and Clarian religious, as well as lay partners have collaborated to help the people of God, especially those affected and have experienced the impact of legitimized and normalized marginalization and exclusion in the past 18 months leading to this day, to enter into the well-springs of prayer, reflection and discernment. Our hearts are set on peace and justice and we stand before God’s desire to bring peace and justice into our relationships and to all of God’s creation.”

I will be posting each prayer in the coming days. The entire Novena for Peace and Justice can be found at

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