A Prayer to Help Counter Fear

With the biggest presidential election in memory just mere hours away, anxiety and tensions are at a fever pitch. Below is a prayer I came across today from our UCC brothers and sisters.  It reminds me that underneath all of the violent rhetoric, the threats, and our seemingly outsized concerns is a basic fear.  It is a fear of the other, a fear of the unknown, and a fear of difference.  May God help assuage our fears and bring peace, true peace, to our country, our candidates, and our hearts.
A Prayer to Help Counter Fear 
Holy One,
We live in fearful times.
Suicide bombers, terrorists, climate change, economic crises—
these are overwhelming realities.
Hold us in our fears.
Sometimes candidates in elections may prey on these fears.
They paint pictures of disaster—especially if we vote for their opponents.
Help us to keep our heads in such moments.
Help us to listen to each other,
to hear past the hateful words to the underlying fear.
Hold us in your love, and remind us
that you never leave us. Ever.
Help us to live into our best selves,
even as others try to bring out our most fear-driven traits.
Keep us listening respectfully,
even to those with whom we disagree.
There is room for all of us in your creation.
Thank you for your love.
May it sustain us always in working for your realm.

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