El Arbol de la Humanidad (The Tree of Humanity)

El Arbol de la Humanidad (The Tree of Humanity)
By Fr. Pedro Trigo, SJ (trans. Br. Christian Seno, OFM)

Today, we present ourselves before You as branches
Of the old, verdant tree of humanity.
We, O Lord, are children born of the common sap
That, through the centuries, has produced both splendid and poisonous flowers;
Bitter fruits and also that blessed fruit of the Virgin Mary.

We come before You from the womb
That gave birth to the innumerable multitude,
Who You count by their names and qualities.
We come to Your presence from among the oppressed people;
We are before You as the poor, Your favored ones.

We, O Lord, are Christians oppressed by other Christians.
Our oppressors, Lord, also call upon You like we do.
Do justice, O Lord, between us and them;

Convert them, Lord!
And if not, then remove from them Your Name
So as to not be a source of confusion for the people of the world,
So that You can be the hope of the poor of the Earth,
And that they, our oppressors, once stripped of You,
Can feel their nakedness and their humanity,
Can feel home sick for You, and thus return to true life.

We pray, O Lord, for Your Son Jesus,
Who was the Son of a woman of our blood,
Who was the Son of a working people,
A people of oppression and of faith.

We ask this through Jesus,
Who fought to save the oppressed,
Who died tortured by the oppressors of the people,
Who died without light,
And who resigned Himself to Your hands.

The oppressors cut the green branch,
But You made it sprout
The first born of a new humanity;
Of the liberated oppressed,
Of the exalted humbled ones,
Of the forgiven sinners,
Of the oppressors who were stripped of their old condition.

Today, we present ourselves before You as twigs, half cut.
We take the blows of oppression,
But sometimes we suddenly feel a new blood.

Hurry, O Lord, make haste
And let thy Kingdom come,
So that the old tree of humanity
May fully flourish once again, for life.

Translated from the Spanish. This prayer is from Salmos de Vida y Fidelidad: Oraciones desde el compromiso por la liberation by Fr. Pedro Trigo, SJ and can be found here.

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