“We are a powerhouse of transformation”

Sr. Mary Sujita, head of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame from 1998 to 2011, exhorted 900 women religious to work move beyond “traditional ministries and good charitable deeds” and for work “deep, structural changes around the world.”  Powerful words of encouragement, honesty, and witness – us friars can learn a thing or two from these amazing women.

“The future of religious life will be decided on the peripheries where Christ is in agony. It will not be decided on the number of sisters we have. Let us be clear on this.”

“Sisters, we who have everything and often are among the most privileged woman of the world, what are we afraid of? What is the root of our cowardice and fear?”

“How we choose to respond to this moment will decide the future of ministerial religious life. We don’t have much time. Like Jesus, we are challenged to be filled with a divine recklessness. We are too careful. Jesus was reckless in his love. Are we ready for that?”

“Time is running short for very radical steps. Either we live a prophetic life… or disappear as an irrelevant reality.”

The article can be found on Global Sisters Report at the link below.

Source: UISG speaker: Women religious should serve those on the margins, work for structural change – Global Sisters Report

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