“We are a powerhouse of transformation”

Sr. Mary Sujita, head of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame from 1998 to 2011, exhorted 900 women religious to work move beyond “traditional ministries and good charitable deeds” and for work “deep, structural changes around the world.”  Powerful words of encouragement, honesty, and witness – us friars can learn a thing or two from … More “We are a powerhouse of transformation”

A Mother’s Love, A Migrant’s Love (Amor Migrante)

Since returning to Holy Name College and Silver Spring last August, I have been blessed to encounter so many truly amazing, wonderful people. Few have been as inspiring for me as Rosario Reyes. Rosario is a mother whose life has been irrevocably touched by the issues that affect so many immigrants, migrants, and refugees. For the past … More A Mother’s Love, A Migrant’s Love (Amor Migrante)