Nondiscrimination laws merit church support (National Catholic Reporter)

I’m sick to my stomach with these hateful and discriminatory laws in North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, and other places. It’s so sad that some in the Church have used their privilege and power to support these odious laws and to disenfranchise vulnerable populations in the name of “religious freedom” or “freedom of conscience”.

I support my gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered brothers and sisters and I see in them the fullness of their status as beloved children of God. I think those who support these unjust and discriminatory laws should just be honest and up front about their views – they are homophobes and bigots.

Below is an article from the National Catholic Reporter on why nondiscrimination laws deserve our support.

“The bishops have every right to advocate for their moral position and to protect religious institutions from participating in what they perceive as immoral activity, but they do not have the right to impose their moral teachings legislatively in a pluralistic society. That, we conclude, would be the very worst kind of proselytism.

One final comment on the bishops’ 2012 statement on religious freedom: The bishops should be ashamed of themselves for citing Martin Luther King Jr., the genuine and undisputed ‘conscience of the state’ for civil rights, to trample on the equal civil rights of homosexual, bisexual and transgender citizens.” (Salzman & Lawler, 2016)

A man joins the third annual March for Marriage in Washington April 25, 2015. Among the sponsors of the march is the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. (CNS/Tyler Orsburn)

Source: Nondiscrimination laws merit church support – National Catholic Reporter

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