Cardinal Schönborn Criticizes Clergy’s “Hardening of the Heart” Against Mercy (National Catholic Reporter)

This is a great article from the National Catholic Reporter on the need for mercy, actual mercy, during this Year of Mercy. As we get ready to receive Pope Francis’ document on Catholic family life next week, these words from Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn comes as a nice reminder of Jesus’ actions towards the other.

Cardinal Schönborn said, “The callousness of the disciples with Jesus is probably the most terrible suffering for Jesus. Not the hardening of the hearts of enemies, but the hardening of the hearts of the disciples… Why do you not understand?” Why, as disciples of Christ, do we have hardened hearts of stones, and not hearts of flesh and mercy? Why do our hearts not become moved to pity and to action, towards justice, when we encounter oppression and injustice?

Jesus, the cardinal said, “acted differently. To our lack of mercy, he responded with more mercy not with less mercy. His response to the violence of the winemakers was the gift of his life.”

Source: Cardinal Schonborn criticizes clergy’s ‘hardening of the heart’ against mercy – National Catholic Reporter